Youth Ministries

IMPACT is our Youth Ministry and it ranges from Middle School to High School. Once again, we don’t want their time to be like another day in class, but at the same time we understand that more Christian kids lose their faith in college than any other time. This is because they don’t know what they believe, or how to defend their faith. So our heart is to give them the Word.
Right now they meet on Tuesday nights at 7PM in the main church sanctuary area. The youth have their own worship and a good time together. Pastor Falcon Valleria & Mary Sanderson lead up IMPACT youth ministry. It is a time of fun and it is a time of prayer and the Word. Other youth activities have included retreats, bowling nights, sleepover’s, camp outs, beach days and bon fires to name a few, but they do all sorts of things together.
We encourage them to bring unsaved friends and to reach out. We also encourage them to be real with themselves and their faith. On Sundays, they are part of our regular church service, because they are part of the church and they are the future of the church. We want them to feel connected. So we like them to get the Word and be in tune with the rest of the body. It is a transitioning time for them and they do get a lot of “hang time” with each other.