Visit Kauai

Kauai is known as the Garden Island” and true to its name, we believe it is a garden paradise crafted by the hand of God.  We are blessed to live here and find getting away from the rush of the world and seeking our Lord Jesus is very easy to do! We believe you’ll be blessed as well while you visit! If you are looking for exciting nightlife & shopping, although we do have a little of both, this is probably not your island!  You should probably look to Oahu or Maui.  But if you are looking to unwind, have fun, relax, enjoy some of the top rated beaches in the world, tropical gardens and beauty, this is the place you want to visit!
Kauai is still a small town, old style Hawaiian island, where everyone pretty much knows everyone. With a population of only 69,000 you’ll probably run into someone you know, or who knows you, or maybe even the Mayor, Chief of Police, a County Councilwoman, or the likes on an average day and spend some time “talking story” with them.

Less than 5 percent of the island is commercially developed. The vast majority of the island is protected lands at either the local, state, or federal levels. From tropical rain-forests on the north side, to the dry red dirt of an older Hawaii on the west side, Kauai is truly unique in its settings. One can sit on a grassy lawn and watch the sunrise in the morning in the east and then watch it slip into the ocean at sunset on the white sandy beach of Polihale on the west. You can travel up into the 4000 plus foot elevation of Kokee state park and view the “Grand Canyon” of the Pacific, with its cooler temperatures, majestic Koa, Pine, Redwood & Eucalyptus trees, rivers, spectacular views and beautiful hikes for a completely different look of Hawaii/Kauai all together, then travel down the “hill” to sea level and relax on one of the many top rated beaches in the world!

Waterfalls, hiking trails, rivers, taro fields, lush tropical gardens, amazing flowers and fauna, tall green mountains, pristine ocean waters, and everything in between encompasses our island.  From five-star hotels, to old plantation camp homes, to Princeville in the North, to old Waimea town in the west, Kapaa town in the East and sunny Poipu in the south, there is a lot to see.  From top rated tropical cuisine, to mom and pop restaurants serving up island favorites, from Friday nights in Hanapepe for art and food, to the Kauai museum in Lihue for a historic look back of our colorful island.
There are guided tours, bikes trails, quiet beaches, old plantation train rides, concerts, farmers markets, and many things to see and do on our island.  So even when it’s raining, (and it does, that’s why it’s so green, lush, and beautiful) there is always something going on. Hike, bike, snorkel, shop, eat, fish, surf, ATV, zip-line, ride a horse, go to a luau, the Rodeo, a movie, a play, a concert, a boat tour along the spectacular Na Pali coast, read a book, take a walk along the shoreline, make a friend, or just relax and do nothing, we are sure you will enjoy our beautiful island! So stop by and fellowship with us on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings to say hello and be blessed during your stay!
Below are some links you may find helpful!

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A good guidebook to get beforehand is: The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook, Kauai Revealed

Or it can be purchased locally while on island at Costco, Walmart, or Kmart.

We hope this helps you enjoy your time on Kauai!