Our Culture & Calling

We believe that the body of Christ is comprised of many different members and that each church has a unique calling and role to fulfill. That each church will have its own style and culture that makes it unique in the Body of Christ. At Breath of Life we feel our calling is:

To Minister to the People of Kauai
First and foremost we are here for the people of Kauai. Although we ultimately minister to a wide variety of people who visit and even move here, we are here for the local people of Kauai and believe God wants to breathe His Breath of Life back into this island. We feel we are just one of the tools He is using to accomplish this work. We are here to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah to the people of Kauai, as a witness and testimony of God’s great love and grace.
And Beyond
We don’t limit the scope of our ministry to Kauai only, but we are willing to support and preach the Gospel where ever doors may open up, using the church as a base of operations for that work. We support different missionaries and ministries outside of Kauai and know the work of the Gospel continues on each day around the world and we can be part of that work through prayer and financial support.
Most recently Breath of Life has been going back and forth to Japan to assist in the Tsunami Relief efforts in Ishinomaki. They have teamed up with the Be One Tohoku Aid and Asian Access ministries to assist in the rebuilding and the ministering of the Gospel. See our Japan Outreach page on the Missions page for more information.
To be Spirit Filled and Biblically based
We rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives and believe in all the Gifts of the Spirit to Christians today. We understand the importance of being filled with the Spirit and being led by the Spirit of the Living God. We do not over emphasize these gifts, nor under emphasize them, but trust the Lord for the balance in their workings. We are also a church that teaches and believes in the inerrant and inspired Word of God. We based our movement and decisions on the Word of God and believe all believers should know and understand the bible, so we teach it verse by verse, chapter by chapter, and book by book. We believe the Bible is the final authority on all things.
To be a church that Loves & Worships
We believe the greatest witness of Jesus is His love. We believe this is what is missing most in the world and many churches. We want to make people feel loved and at home at Breath of Life. That they feel welcomed when they come in and that we would be known by our love for one another. Although we are not perfect, we try to display the Love of the Jesus to those around us. We also believe in the Power and Worth of praising and worshipping our Lord in Spirit and in Truth. In Spirit: by allowing the Spirit to move during and through worship. In Truth: by being true in our worship by focusing only on the popular “top 40 Christian Hit’s”. We seek an atmosphere where our eyes are off of the screen, off the worship team, and on the Lord. A place where we hope He will inhabit the praises of His people.
To be a church that has faith
The Bible tells us that without faith, we cannot please God. The Bible also says that even if we have just a little faith, we can do great things. Faith in our Lord and what His Word tells us is forefront. We trust Him at His Word and try to be a church that stands on its faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus. Faith to see God transform lives, restore that which has been broken, to see families and marriages restored, sickness healed, miracles take place, to see mountains moved in His name. We do not want to just talk about faith, but we want to live our faith in Jesus. That kind of faith takes getting out of the boat and that is the type of faith we desire to have and express. To believe in our God and all that He says.
The Bible Translation We Use
We utilize the New King James Version of the Bible. Why? We feel it is the most accurate translation in the modern English language. NASB is another well translated version. Although the original King James has its merits as one of the best translations, the fact remains that it was translated in 1611. Our English language has changed much since then and we feel the updated version of the King James Bible, the New King James is more readable and understandable version for people to read during this day and age we live in, without compromising on its original content.
We understand that there are many translations of the Bible available today, but our goal is to stick as close as we can to the original rendering of the Word from its original Hebrew and Greek language. There are many “paraphrased” and “modified” translations that have been created in an attempt to get people to read the Word, but we feel that the more modified and paraphrased they are, the more they water down or erase the original context and meaning of the Word. Thus we feel that they are less reliable and less accurate translation of God’s inspired Word.