Men’s Ministry

Saturday Morning Fellowship
Pastor Ben leads our Men’s Ministry. They currently meet every Saturday morning at 8:00am for a time of prayer and fellowship. Sometimes there is breakfast and a Bible study too! The Men’s Ministry also host retreats three to four times a year, usually up in the beautiful forests of Kokee. We believe that men are designed to be the priests of their households and within the church. We seek to disciple men and build them up in Jesus in order for them to be the Godly leaders they should be.
The Ironman Program
The Ironman Program is an intensive, one year long, commitment for men who want to go deeper in their spiritual walks and become more involved in ministry. It requires daily reading of the Bible, devotional prayer times, and additional reading assignments of various books selected by Pastor Tom. This additional reading is intended to build on and enhance the men’s faith to grow deeper. There is a required meeting every two weeks for the entire year and more than 2 absences will get a man dropped from that cycle. After the one year is complete, then graduation and commission before the entire church body occurs. The men are then utilized in various ministry activities. To check on when a new class will begin by asking Pastor Tom or Pastor Ben.