Pastor Mark and Tami Riley

Mark and Tami Riley have lived on the island of Kaua`i since 1985 and raised their 3 children, Cory, Lauren and Lucas. Mark is an ordained pastor with Breath of Life as well as an itinerate minister with Music Missions International Hawai`i. Mark and team have recorded 7 albums to date and regularly lead times of worship as well as many other music engagements both in and outside church venues.
Mark and Tami also speak on various topics such as worship, the power of thanksgiving, hope, supernatural forgiveness and the Father’s love. They share at schools of ministry such as Youth With A Mission as well as churches around the world. In their travels, their goal has been to make God’s presence known and provide and atmosphere to encounter Jesus.
Part of Tami and Mark’s ongoing testimony is that God uses regular people to do extra ordinary things on earth as it is in Heaven. With all they have been through, they are very grateful for this time. They have found that the power of thanksgiving leads to hope, and hope then leads to seeing with a heavenly perspective.